Twitter to Begin Charging Developers for Using Its API

Twitter to Begin Charging Developers for Using Its API

Twitter to revise its Application Programming Protocol (API) pricing

Twitter announced that it hopes to provide more details next week about its plans to revise the pricing of the Application Programming Protocol (API), the protocols used by third parties to access data from the platform.

Since Elon Musk assumed control of the social network, Twitter has sought to find new sources of revenue, in reaction to the decrease in advertising that followed the controversial management of the magnate.

The popular platform has used its access to data as a way of financially compensating for the decreased advertisement. The Twitter API, offered in free and paid versions, is used by several third-party developers for purposes ranging from creation of alternative applications to investigate hate speech, to all types of services based on the social network information.

Moreover, last month, the company changed its terms of use for developers in order to forbid services such as Tweetbot or Twitterrific from replacing its official application.

Though Twitter has not released the exact details or pricing associated with the API revisions, it has communicated that it is committed to providing fast and complete access to developers who use its data to build.

The changes to the API will commence next week. Agencia EFE SA holds the copyright of the text and prohibits redistribution or reproduction of the text in any form.

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