Twitter Testing Video Calling Feature

Twitter Introduces Video Calling Feature in its Platform

With an aim to help its users, Twitter is working on introducing a video calling feature on its platform. This would allow Twitter users to contact their app contacts. As per the reports, an icon of the video camera will be placed at the top of the profile of the user with whom one wants to initiate the call.

Alessandro Paluzzi, an app researcher, says that the interface of the video call will be quite simple having three buttons. These buttons would allow the users to have control over the microphone, close the video option, and call another person.

The feature comes as part of several changes promised by the company’s President, Elon Musk. Apart from video calls, other promised changes include Twitter Coins, the currency with which it is intended to pay the most prominent users of the platform, and tweets having 4,000 characters scheduled for next month.

This feature is still under development and only few people have accessed it. Although, the design is quite simple, certain improvements can be expected soon.

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