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Twitter Blue Launches New Annual Plan at Reduced Price

Twitter Blue Launches New Annual Plan at Reduced Price

**Twitter Launches New Annual Plan of Twitter Blue Subscription**

Twitter is now allowing its users to enjoy its benefits with an annual payment of 84 euros with its new annual plan of Twitter Blue subscription, it is much more comfortable for all users compared to their former 96 euros per month. The new plan is initially being launched on the firm’s help page, with purchases from app stores having the same cost but includes an extra discount of one euro per month for those compensated with the paid version of the app.

The functions will remain the same for both annual and monthly plans, with the added benefit for those purchasing the annual plan to save one month’s payment when compared to the former monthly rate. The system is already functional and the firm is currently working piecemeal to refine the system and introduce additional changes. These may include the introduction of ads for everyone on the platform, followed by additional adjustments in Blue’s rates as the company’s CEO had previously alluded to.

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Overall, users who may find this new annual plan of Twitter Blue subscription more worth it can keep an eye out for these changes as the company continues to roll out the new system gradually.



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