Turki Alalshikh’s Firm Response to Gervonta Davis’ Ferrari Demands


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A few weeks ago, Saudi adviser Turki Alalshikh, who is responsible for organizing big boxing events in Saudi Arabia, expressed interest in bringing Gervonta “Tank” Davis to his country to fight Devin Haney. Davis responded on Twitter, saying he had been upset during previous negotiations and making demands for “2 Ferraris” if they wanted him to fight in Saudi Arabia.

The exchange between Tank Davis and Turki Alalsikh continues. Alalshikh responded to Davis’ comments about the Ferraris by saying they would only send him two gloves if he wanted, nothing more. It’s clear that Alalshikh is trying to play hardball and didn’t appreciate Davis’ demands.

Davis then responded again, clarifying that his comment about the Ferraris was not meant to be taken seriously and that he doesn’t need handouts. Davis is known for not backing down from negotiations and only fighting where he wants to. He knows his worth and is not afraid to stand his ground, even though he deleted the tweet.

This ongoing exchange could potentially take Davis out of the running for a fight in Saudi Arabia, especially if they continue to push his buttons. It’s clear that Davis is not one to be pushed around and will only agree to fight on his own terms.

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