Tuluá militarized after traffic agent murder & vehicle burnings


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A serious public order situation occurred on the night of Saturday, February 10 in Tuluá. A traffic agent was murdered, another was attacked, and several vehicles were burned. The event was recorded in viral videos on social networks.

The situation led the mayor of Tuluá, Gustavo Vélez, to decree a restriction of people’s mobility. The city was militarized and a curfew was put in place starting at 11 p.m. The mayor announced that they had the support of the National Government, the departmental government, the Police, and the Army.

The mayor urged the inhabitants to support the authorities and provide information on any suspicious activity. He emphasized that the city is facing a serious situation of violence due to criminal organizations operating in the area. The mayor also mentioned that they are cooperating with the Public Force to combat crime and restore order and authority.

Earlier, the governor of Valle del Cauca, Dilian Francisca Toro, had announced a mobility restriction for citizens. She asked citizens to report any activity that tends to alter public order. The governor also stated that the serious acts of insecurity that night were a retaliation of organized crime in the city.

This weekend, Mauricio Marín Silva, alias Nacho, the top criminal leader of the La Inmaculada gang, was captured. The gang is accused of extortion, selective homicides, drug trafficking, money laundering, and threats against the mayor. Authorities reported that Nacho had been hiding from the authorities and had instrumentalized minors to serve as his bell ringers to evade operational actions against him.

During the campaign for the territorial elections last year, the current president suffered several attacks, including one where armed men shot at one of their offices in the Parque Industrial business complex. The capture of Nacho and the recent violent acts in Tuluá are believed to be connected to the measures taken against organized crime in the area.

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