Trump’s Loss of Immunity and Biden’s Age: Weekly Highlights


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This week has been full of seismic events in the United States. President Joe Biden faced criticism about his age and cognitive ability. Chaos in Congress led to a failed attempt to remove the Secretary of National Security Alejandro Mayor Cash. Donald Trump won the primaries in Nevada, bringing him closer to the nomination. Now let’s discuss the good and the bad of the week.

The good of the week was the primary results, confirming support for Donald Trump. However, others argue that Joe Biden received double the votes, showing enthusiasm for his candidacy. The bad of the week was the failure to reach an agreement on border security, which was a setback for both Democrats and Republicans.

Another concern is Joe Biden’s cognitive ability, which has been criticized by conservative circles and three out of four Americans. This is a serious issue, as he is in charge of the nuclear codes and makes decisions for the United States and the free world.

The politicization of the special lawyer’s report on Joe Biden’s cognitive ability is also worrying. However, a court ruling that no president has immunity to commit crimes while in office is seen as a positive development.

In conclusion, this week has been eventful with both positive and negative developments in the United States. It is important to address the concerns about Joe Biden’s cognitive ability and ensure that justice is served for all.

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