Trump’s incendiary comments about NATO draw criticism


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Donald Trump has been known to criticize NATO, and has even threatened to remove the US from the alliance. However, his latest comments have caused quite a stir. He suggested that he would give Russia the green light to attack countries in the organization that do not pay their dues. This has been met with criticism from the White House, as well as leaders of the alliance and the European Union.

White House spokesman Andrew Bates called Trump’s comments “appalling and deranged.” President Biden himself spoke out against the comments, calling them “appalling and dangerous.” Jens Stoltenberg, secretary general of NATO, said that Trump’s words “undermine everyone’s safety.” Charles Michel, president of the European Council, described Trump’s comments as “reckless” and assured that “they can only serve the interests of Putin.”

The head of diplomacy of the European Union, Josep Borrell, criticized that NATO cannot be an “alliance ‘à la carte'” that depends on the mood of the president of the United States. In Poland, Trump’s comments were also not well received. Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk expressed concern about whether the United States will show “full solidarity with other countries” of NATO in this confrontation that promises to last a long time with Russia.

While Trump’s comments about NATO raised a wave of criticism, some Republican Party congressmen tried to justify or whitewash the former president’s inflammatory statements. Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina expressed surprise at being asked about this topic, saying, “All I can say is that while Trump was president, no one invaded anyone.” Republican Marco Rubio, vice president of the Senate Intelligence Committee, adopted a practical tone in response to Trump’s comments, ensuring that “He told the story of how he used influence to get people to take initiative and become more active in NATO.”

The possible scenarios that Trump faces in the Supreme Court regarding his appearance on the ballot in Colorado are still uncertain. However, it is clear that his comments about NATO have caused a significant amount of controversy and criticism. The future of US involvement in the alliance remains to be seen.

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