Trump Warns 2020 Election is Our Only Chance to Save US

Trump Warns 2020 Election is Our Only Chance to Save US

Former President Donald Trump Gives Rally in Ohio, Warns of Last Chance During 2024 Elections

Former US President Donald Trump gave a rally in Ohio on June 26, 2021, warning that the 2024 elections will be the last chance for the United States. This was Trump’s first major trip outside of his Florida residence since announcing his candidacy for the White House in April.

Trump made two stops: one in New Hampshire, a state bordering Canada, and another in South Columbia. He was accompanied by some of his most loyal political allies along with American flags.

Trump called for a leader who is “ready to do it from day one” and warned against a “corrupt, radical and self-serving political establishment”. He also reminded the crowd of several hundred in the small town of Salem of his record on public safety and immigration.

Trump’s candidacy is met with some reluctance within the Republican Party, however, some of his supporters are steadfast and warn against a quick burial of the former president.

Trump is currently the subject of several judicial investigations, and the outcome of such investigations could potentially be the largest obstacle to his candidacy. But, no matter the downfall he faced, he is still surviving all the scandals and is receiving a boost in support with the upcoming lifting of his Facebook and Instagram accounts suspension.

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