Transmitting Pure Suffering: The Current Reality


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Sevilla Football Club is currently facing a tough time as they struggle to secure a win at home. The team has gone eight games without a victory in the First League, which is a first for them. Even the Sánchez-Pizjuán stadium, which has been a lucky charm for the team on many occasions, has not been able to turn their luck around.

After analyzing the recent tie, coach Quique Sánchez Flores expressed his disappointment in an interview with the official Sevilla media. He admitted that the team started well and had a good first half, but a defensive error led to the opposing team scoring a goal, which he considered a serious mistake.

Sánchez Flores also highlighted the challenges the team faced in the second half, especially after a player was sent off. He emphasized the need for the team to endure the suffering and work hard to overcome their current situation.

The coach also mentioned the team’s upcoming schedule, which includes more days for rest and training. He acknowledged that while the additional time off would be beneficial, the team still needs to focus on improving their performance and overcoming the challenges they are facing.

In addition to the team’s struggles on the field, there are also concerns about the health of one of their players, Sow, who is dealing with tendon problems. The coach expressed the need to be cautious with Sow’s condition and stated that they are unsure about the extent of his injury.

Overall, Sevilla Football Club is facing a difficult period, but the team remains determined to work hard and turn their fortunes around. Despite the challenges they are currently facing, the coach and the players are committed to overcoming their struggles and returning to winning ways.

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