Transformed by Ink: How Getting a Tattoo Changed this Gym Girl’s Life and Boosted Her Confidence


GYM girl Abby Markowski is changing up her workout routine thanks to her stylish new tattoo, and she’s not afraid to show it off. In a hilarious TikTok video, Markowski flaunts her fresh ink to her followers, shimmying and flexing to get attention on the intricate butterfly tattoo on her right arm.

The clip shows Markowski in a pair of high-waisted dusty purple leggings, a white sports bra, and noise-canceling headphones to keep her focused during the workout. She enters the locker room ready to take on a killer workout, but her excitement about her new tattoo cannot be contained.

Moving with the beat of the music, Markowski shimmies closer and closer to the camera, pointing at the tattoo to get it noticed while still managing to show off her workout moves. The detailed drawing of a butterfly covering a person’s face is finally revealed, and the video ends with her practically shoving the new tattoo right into the viewer’s eyes.

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Markowski’s followers couldn’t get enough of the hilarious clip and were obsessed with the new tattoo. Many left comments admiring her body art, with one saying, “It’s so beautiful.” Another person related to Markowski’s behavior, admitting that they also get excited about new ink. However, some were concerned about taking care of tattoos while working out.

Markowski reassured her followers that she takes precautions to protect her tattoo while working out. She usually takes two rest days after a fresh tattoo and leaves the sterile wrapping on for several days. She also does more chill workouts so that she wouldn’t sweat as much and always washes the tattoo after the gym.

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In conclusion, Markowski’s hilarious video is proof that the excitement of new tattoos can change behavior, and that taking care of them is important, even while working out. So, if you’re planning on a new tattoo soon, make sure to follow Markowski’s advice and take extra care while sweating it out at the gym.


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