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Tragic Shooting at US School Leaves Three Minors Dead

Tragic Shooting at US School Leaves Three Minors Dead

Tragedy struck a private school in Nashville, Tennessee, USA on Monday as three children lost their lives in a shooting. The Vanderbilt University Medical Center hospital confirmed that the minors were rushed to the health center with gunshot wounds, but unfortunately, could not survive. The attacker was shot dead by the officers in a confrontation. The Nashville Police Department has mentioned on its Twitter account that there is no confirmation of any other victims in the attack. The Covenant School, where the incident took place, provides education to students from preschool to sixth grade, who are approximately 11 years old.

This year alone, there have been at least 30 reported incidents concerning firearms in schools across the United States, leaving eight dead and 23 injured, according to data from Everytown for Gun Safety organization. Sadly, such incidents of gun violence in educational institutions have become a recurring nightmare for the country. The government should take strict measures to curb gun violence and ensure the safety of children in schools. Parents, teachers, and students need to work together to create a safer environment for the future generation.

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