Tragic Accident: Three Soldiers Killed in Ammunition Explosion in Belgorod, Europe

Three Russian soldiers killed and fifteen injured in an explosion in military base

Russia mourned on Sunday (01.15.2023) the death of three soldiers and 15 people injured, following an explosion at a cultural centre in the Tonenkoye town, belonging to the Belgorod region.

The Russian Emergency Service told the TASS news agency that the incident happened last night and it was caused by the “careless” handling of a military man, likely to be an instructor, who mishandled a grenade in front of his subordinates.

The fire set off caused the stored ammunition to detonate and 15 people were evacuated from the premises. According to Channels 112 and Baza Telegram, linked to Russia’s law enforcement, the dead and wounded personnel were recruits called to fight in Ukraine as part of the mobilization campaign.

Russia payed tribute to the fallen soldiers, loudly condemning the incident.

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