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TPLF proposes civil administration for Tigray in the absence of opposition

TPLF proposes civil administration for Tigray in the absence of opposition

Tigray, one of Ethiopia’s ten regions, recently concluded its conference regarding the formation of a civil administration for the province. The conference was held in accordance with the agreement signed on November 2 with the Ethiopian government in Pretoria. The agreement, which provides for an inclusive interim regional administration to be settled through political dialogue, was the focus of the conference. Muluwork Kidanemariam, the vice-president of the committee in charge of establishing this administration, announced the conclusion of the conference on Saturday. Kidanemariam explained that the ruling TPLF, the army, opposition parties, and Tigrayan academics have reached an agreement on how to share interim power.

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However, the conference was boycotted by the three main opposition parties in Tigray, who are dissatisfied with the process. The Tigray Independence Party, Salsay Weyane, and the Greater Tigray National Congress refused to participate, claiming that they’d refused to serve as a foil for the TPLF’s ruthless struggle to cling to power at all costs. The opposition parties also dispute the legal legitimacy of the TPLF to govern Tigray during the transition period.

Despite the boycott by the opposition parties, functions have been reserved for them in the interim administration. If they remain absent, these functions could be decentralized to the military and academics. The proposal will be submitted to Addis Ababa for approval.

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The situation in Tigray remains tense, despite the conclusion of the conference. The opposition parties boycotted the conference, making it clear that they will not take part in the process until there is a more inclusive representation in the interim administration. With the military’s involvement in the administration, the situation could escalate further.

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