Top 5 Series to Watch on Paramount+


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Paramount+ offers a wide range of television titles, but we’ve narrowed it down to five recommendations for you to check out.

The Envoys follows two priests from the Vatican who are sent to Mexico to verify supposed miraculous healings in a psychiatric institution. When they arrive, they discover that the priest who invited them has disappeared, and they uncover a mystery buried for decades that involves the town’s inhabitants.

Travel Companions tells the story of two men who have a clandestine romance during the McCarthy era in Washington. The story follows their lives during the Vietnam War, the disco era of the ’70s, and the AIDS crisis in the ’80s.

The Curse is a terrifying comedy that explores how a curse alters the relationship of a newly married couple.

Men of Law: Bass Reeves is the first installment of an anthology dedicated to exploring emblematic sheriffs and criminals of the Old West. Reeves’ story stands out from the clichés of folklore and delves into his experiences with slavery.

Anderson “Spider” Silva Fighter is a documentary that explores the life of iconic wrestler Anderson “Spider” Silva like never before.

In addition to these recommendations, we also have four movies that we recommend for you to watch on Paramount+ in February. With a wide range of genres and stories, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So, grab some popcorn and get ready for a great time with Paramount+!

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