Top 5 Netflix movies to watch in February


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Netflix has kicked off the year with some big releases in January and is continuing the trend for February. As one of the leading streaming platforms in Argentina, Netflix is adding some great classics to its catalog as well as some of the most renowned titles of recent months. Here are 5 movies that you can’t miss this month on Netflix.

First up is “1984” directed by Herbert Ross. For nostalgic fans of the musical, this 80s classic starring Kevin Bacon and Lori Singer is a must-watch. The romantic film tells the story of a young man who moves to a small town where dancing is prohibited. It will be available on February 15.

Next is “Top Gun: Maverick 2022” directed by Joseph Kosinski. This action-adventure film starring Tom Cruise deserves to be seen with the best sound and screen quality possible, as it is a true Hollywood blockbuster and a mega production. It will be available from February 22.

“Aftersun 2022” directed by Charlotte Wells is the debut feature by Wells and tells the story of the bond between a father and daughter who take vacations together. During the days they spend in a family hotel, we get closer not only to the two’s relationship but also to the father’s depression. It will be available from February 24. Read our review of Aftersun: “Paul Mescal and Charlotte Wells change the way depression is told.”

“Brazilian Holocaust 2016” directed by Daniela Arbex and Armando Mendz is a documentary that analyzes the horrors of a psychiatric hospital in Barbacena, where more than 60,000 people were murdered over decades. It will be available on February 25.

Lastly, “Sacred Spider 2022” directed by Ali Abbasi has a strong feminist imprint and a criticism of Islam. The film follows a journalist from Tehran who immerses herself in the worst-reputed neighborhoods of the holy city of Mashhad to investigate a series of femicides. She soon realizes that the local authorities are in no hurry to resolve the matter. The crimes are the work of a single man, who claims to purify the city of his sins and who attacks prostitutes at night. Read our review of Sacred Spider: “A harsh reality that seems irreversible.”

In other news related to Netflix, find out the most important releases for February 2024. Also, find out what From the Ashes is like, the new thing on the platform. With these exciting releases and more, Netflix is sure to keep audiences entertained throughout the month of February.

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