Toni Bou and Berta Abellán triumph in Barcelona


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The Barcelona Indoor Trial took place in the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona, where Toni Bou and Berta Abellán emerged as the winners. Bou, a 34-time trial world champion, secured his 17th victory in the competition, while Abellán, the world runner-up, surprised by defeating the nine-time world champion, Emma Bristow.

Bou’s victory in the Barcelona Indoor Trial marked his 17th win in the competition out of the 19 times he has competed. He has been consecutively winning the competition since 2007. The Basque Jaime Busto secured second place, his best result in Barcelona, while the Galician Gabriel Marcelli finished third.

During the competition, Bou demonstrated his superiority by only conceding two points in the first two laps, with his only mistakes occurring in the third area. The debutant Aniol Gelabert and veteran Adam Raga did not have their best performances, finishing with the worst and fifth place, respectively.

In the Women’s Trophy, Berta Abellán surprised by defeating the nine-time world champion, Emma Bristow. Abellán secured first place after conceding only four points and completing the five zones, while Bristow finished second due to a fiasco in the third zone. The Italian Andrea Sofia Rabino completed the podium.

The competition featured six zones, with Busto initially leading after the first zone. However, both Busto and Marcelli added failures in the next four areas, allowing Bou to take advantage and secure the win with a zero in the fourth zone.

The Barcelona Indoor Trial was the first X-Trial World Cup test of the year, and it showcased the talent and skill of the competitors. The event was a thrilling display of trial riding, with Bou and Abellán emerging as the deserving winners.

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