HomeNewsTogo Government Stands Firm Amid Teachers' Strike Over 145 Suspended Educators

Togo Government Stands Firm Amid Teachers’ Strike Over 145 Suspended Educators

Togo Government Stands Firm Amid Teachers’ Strike Over 145 Suspended Educators

The Teachers’ Union of Togo launched a strike slogan last week, which has been deemed illegal by the authorities. Yesterday, the government held a meeting with education partners, excluding the trade union that had initiated the strike, the SET. The government remains firm in its stance against the 145 teachers who were relieved of their duties for taking part in the strike. The coordinator of the Federation of Education Unions of Togo, Kanitome Koffi, expressed his exasperation at the end of the meeting. He accused certain people of having taken control of the protest platform of the teachers’ strike of 2009. The Collective of the Educational World of Togo, however, stated that the current situation is due to unfulfilled promises by the authorities. The strike is now virtually over and a relative calm has been restored in the schools since Tuesday.

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The current situation in Togo reflects the deep divisions between the government and the teachers’ union. Despite the government’s firm stance, it is important to take into consideration the grievances of the teachers and to come to a compromise that is beneficial to both parties. It is also essential to ensure that the teachers’ rights are respected and that their demands are met. Only then can the situation be resolved and the teachers can return to their classrooms.

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