Tito Speranza, Ricardo Fort’s ex-guard, faces tough times: “I must find a way to carry on”


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Tito Speranza, who was once Ricardo Fort’s bodyguard, has been going through a difficult time. He became well-known when he appeared on Marcelo Tinelli’s program with Fort around 2010. Speranza was part of a team of bodyguards who followed Fort everywhere he went, and he became a popular figure on ShowMatch. After Fort’s death, Speranza continued to work in the media and even participated in Bailando 2011, where he reached the final.

However, in recent times, Speranza has stayed away from the media. He explained in an interview that he is not interested in speaking badly about people just to be on television. He has been focused on his work as a personal trainer and has been in a long-term relationship with his wife, Marcela Villagra, for 24 years. Speranza recently shared a post on Instagram, hinting at a difficult time he is going through.

In a recent interview, Villagra explained that Speranza is facing the same challenges as many Argentines, such as uncertainty about the future and renegotiating rent. Despite these challenges, Speranza and his wife are grateful to have stable jobs as personal trainers. Speranza has also been teaching classes at a gym in Buenos Aires, where he has worked since 2006.

Speranza’s wife, Marcela, has been supporting Martita Fort, Ricardo’s daughter, in her training. Martita has undergone a significant physical transformation and has spoken out about the challenges she has faced due to her family’s fame and wealth.

Overall, Speranza has been facing challenges similar to many Argentines, but he and his wife are grateful for their stable jobs as personal trainers. They continue to support each other and Martita Fort as they navigate through difficult times.

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