‘Titanfall Legends’, Combining Titanfall and Apex Legends

‘Titanfall Legends’, Combining Titanfall and Apex Legends

EA Cancels Titanfall Legends and Projects for Mobile Platforms

Yesterday EA and Respawn Entertainment revealed that they have canceled a single-player game in the Titanfall/Apex Legends universe, as three people familiar with the project reported. Reported by Jason Schreier from Bloomberg, this new game, titled Titanfall Legends, had been in development for many years by a team of more than 50 people, which is now trying to be internally relocated.

The cancellation of this Titanfall Legends evoked that of Apex, another game which EA wanted to use to show the shared universe between Titanfall and Apes. The Legends title further suggested the same notion. In addition, according to Schreier, Apex Legends Mobile and Battlefield Mobile are also projects which have been shut down by EA – collapsing their strategy in the mobile market. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was also delayed leading many to believe that EA’s situation could be likened to Ubisoft’s, who has focused on sequels of their big brands.

However, despite all these cancellations and delays, EA has released the first GOTY candidate of 2023 – Dead Space Remake. Also, games such as Wild Heart and FIFA 23 are in their way to be the latest hit games from the company. Nevertheless, let’s hope that this development news won’t be the prelude of any needed actions from the company. After all, EA is about to turn 40 and reviewing the 40 best games from the company gives you a sense of how much it has become an inseparable part of our lives.

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