TikTok to introduce new surprises and monetization, says LATAM Marketing leader Gabriel Simas


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The highly anticipated TikTok Awards 2024 took place on January 31, celebrating the best creators on the platform. This was the third edition of the event, and it was broadcast on television and streaming platforms, with Belinda and Juanpa Zurita as the hosts. Yandel received the 2024 Legendary Impact Award for his iconic career in music.

The event featured musical performances by Danny Ocean, Camilo, Evaluna, Piso 21, and Yandel, celebrating the best content in categories such as entertainment, comedy, cooking, fashion, beauty, gaming, books, sports, and more. Belinda also premiered her new single “Cactus” live at the TikTok Awards.

Several creators were recognized at the event, including @javetasenerlarco, @dorisjocelyn, @yerimuaa, @esen_alva, and Wendy Guevara. Each of them expressed their gratitude and emotions upon receiving their awards, highlighting the impact of TikTok on their lives and careers.

Gabriel Simas, Head of Creator and Category Marketing of TikTok for Latin America, spoke about the platform’s mission to inspire creativity and bring joy to the community. He emphasized the importance of creating a safe and inclusive space for users and creators to express themselves and share their stories.

Mexico is a priority market for TikTok, and the platform is constantly working on plans to stimulate content creators in the country. This includes launching longer video formats, monetization for longer videos, and the introduction of Photo Mode to enhance the way creators communicate and share their insights.

The 2024 TikTok Awards featured Belinda as a presenter and also saw the world premiere of her new single. The event was a success, and TikTok continues to be a springboard for content creators in Mexico and Latin America, providing opportunities for diverse voices and talents to shine.

As a member of the LGBT+ community, TikTok is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for all users. The platform has implemented privacy and information tools to ensure that everyone can control their online experience and be their most authentic and creative selves.

In summary, the TikTok Awards 2024 was a celebration of creativity, talent, and diversity, showcasing the impact of the platform on the lives of creators and users. With ongoing efforts to support and empower content creators, TikTok remains a vibrant and inclusive community for people from all walks of life.

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