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Thriving in a Tiny Home: How a Family of Four Lives for Under $500/month with No Utility Bills

Thriving in a Tiny Home: How a Family of Four Lives for Under 0/month with No Utility Bills

Family of Four Spends Less Than $550 per Month on Housing Costs with RV Living

The Saul family has taken a unique approach to their housing situation by purchasing a cabin on wheels, also known as an RV. The family of four is currently stationed in Palm Springs, California but often travel around the country. They even share their travel tips and adventures on their Tiktok account, @HeartAndSaulTravel.

Affordable Monthly Bills

Since Kearstin and David own their RV, their monthly bills are extremely affordable. In April, the family shared a video on Tiktok breaking down their total costs for the month, which only amounted to less than $550. The costliest expense was the campsite they were staying at for $300, but with their Thousand Trails and Coast to Coast membership discounts, they were able to cut costs.

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The family also pays $150 per month for internet service through Easy Choice Wireless. Insurance for the RV only costs $50, and incredibly they don’t have to pay anything for water or electricity.

Spacious Living

Despite the cramped living stereotype that often comes with RV living, the Saul family’s RV is incredibly spacious, complete with two large bedrooms and two bathrooms, featuring both a shower and a tub. The kitchen has a full-sized refrigerator and plenty of cabinets for storage, with an additional bartop dining area and living area with a pull-out couch. Wood floors and overhead lighting give the space a homey feel, and the RV even has a huge storage area on its side.

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The Legalities of Living in an RV

Living in any kind of tiny home comes with legal restrictions. According to Judy Dutton, executive editor at Realtor.com, tiny homes on wheels can be classified by local ordinances as a recreational vehicle or RV, not as an actual home. This means that some local laws may restrict owners from permanently living in an RV, and it’s important to check the rules in your area.

Overall, the Saul family’s RV living situation has proven to be both cost-effective and spacious. Another homeowner even spent only $9,000 to create their tiny dream home, and rent at a tiny home village can be as low as $250 per month.

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