Thousands in Bay Area Affected by Ongoing Power Outages


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Thousands of people in the Bay Area are still without electricity due to power outages caused by storms over the weekend. In San Francisco alone, over 6,000 users were affected as of Monday, February 5, with no estimated time for service restoration. In North Bay and South Bay, there are over 65,000 people without electricity respectively, while in the East Bay there are about 25,000 and in the Peninsula, more than 45,000, according to PG&E.

The power outages also led to the closure of several schools, mainly in Sonoma County, where up to 19 districts or campuses had to suspend activities. In the East Side School District in San José, seven schools were affected, with no estimated time for service reconnection. In San Francisco, only Denman Middle School was affected, while the rest of the schools maintained their activities.

The San Francisco Emergency Management Department reported that strong winds caused nearly 200 trees to fall in several areas of the city, leading to flooding in various parts of the city. Motorists are advised to drive with caution and expect delays in their journeys.

The storm also caused flooding in several areas, with Southern California at risk of substantial flooding. The system is expected to dump heavy to moderate rain in Southern California through Tuesday. The storm made landfall in Northern California and is expected to cause downpours through Tuesday as it moves up the coast toward San Diego.

The storm also led to the evacuation of residents of a homeless encampment surrounded by river flooding Guadalupe in San Jose. Strong winds and heavy rain are affecting the region.

Overall, the storms have caused widespread power outages, school closures, fallen trees, and flooding in various parts of the Bay Area and Southern California. Residents are advised to exercise caution and stay informed about the latest weather updates.

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