There are already ten investigated for the purchase of PSOE votes in Mojácar: 7 Spaniards and 3 South Americans


The owner of the Court of First Instance and Instruction number 4 of Vera has agreed to the release of the six detainees in relation to the alleged fraud in voting by mail in the town of Mojácaras they have indicated at the end of this Friday the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia (TSJA). In total, there are ten investigatedseven Spanish citizens and three of different South American nationalities.

The six people who have been arrested have accepted their right not to testify and are being investigated for an electoral crime. In addition, one of them -RC-, has been imposed as a precautionary measure the prohibition to leave the national territory. The cause continues to be secret.

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The Court began the investigation a month ago as a result of a complaint filed by a politician who had been attended by a private citizen.


Vote buying fraud Mojacar PSOE began to cook more than a year ago, from April 2022. Then, the mayoress of the town denounced for the first time before the Civil Guard of Garrucha the attempts to buy immigrant votes at the request of one of those contacted by the plot. Now, there are already four people who have denounced in one way or another before the Civil Guard pressure to sell their vote to the PSOE in the town of Almería.

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The incessant vote-buying activity by the Mojacar PSOE It was an open secret for years in the region. So much so that it was the current mayoress of the Popular Party who went to denounce him at the headquarters of the Civil Guard of Garrucha on April 14, 2022. A citizen, victim of a vote-buying attempt, denounced through the mayoress that a certain Cristóbal (referring to the socialist candidate currently detained) had offered him 180 euros in exchange for supporting with his ballot to the PSOE.

However, it was a few months ago when a second person denounced a similar procedure by the same plot of the Mojacar PSOE. It was then that the Central Operative Unit of the Civil Guard entered the scene under the orders of the Investigating Court number 4 of Vera.

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