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The Terrifying Visuals of ‘The Last of Us’ Series Introduction

The Terrifying Visuals of ‘The Last of Us’ Series Introduction

The Last of Us Series Original Opening Scene Almost According to Its Co-Creator

The Last of Us, the new and celebrated HBO Max show based on the Naughty Dog video game, is already perceived both by critics and the public as one of the best – or maybe the best – adaptation of a game to the audiovisual format.

It also stands out for its ability to faithfully reproduce the depths of the original work, both for fans of the video game and for those who are just now discovering its story. This is demonstrated in no small part by the sensational introductory scene which, as it has now come to light, could have been even more terrifying and visually impressive.

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Craig Mazin, co-creator of the series, explained to the official The Last of Us podcast of HBO Max that they had initially planned on a scene in the style of a documentary. The scene would have concentrated on a much more direct visual demonstration of the Cordyceps fungus and its effects, providing a basic understanding of the primary premise of the show.

Neil Druckmann, however, thought this intro could be too boring, and so the team bet on something much more dynamic to begin the show – something which ultimately worked in their favor, providing the viewers with both a sense of surprise and a hint of the theories lying behind it.

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Now, even if it never made it to the show, the original intro scene has left fans with hope that there could be even bigger surprises in store as we prepare for the next episode.



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