The rise of drones as affordable and powerful weapons in Ukraine, Gaza, and the Red Sea conflicts


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Drones, both military and commercial, have become a crucial weapon in modern conflicts due to their lower cost and effectiveness. Ukraine, Gaza, and the Red Sea crisis have highlighted the need for affordable solutions to combat this threat.

The use of drones in warfare is not new, but it was previously limited to major military powers due to high costs. However, as commercial and recreational use of drones has increased, their accessibility and affordability have also improved. Initially used for intelligence gathering, drones now have the capability to launch precision attacks, as seen in the CIA’s strike on Al Qaeda’s leader in Kabul.

The rise of commercial drones has allowed small insurgent groups to access these devices, using them as guided missiles for attacks. For example, Hamas used drones to disrupt communications and launch ammunition against Israeli targets. Similarly, the Houthi rebels in Yemen have used drones and missiles to attack ships in the Red Sea.

Various terrorist and insurgent groups, from ISIS to Al Qaeda, have also utilized drones in their actions. However, Ukraine’s extensive use of drones has been a game-changer in modern warfare. The Ukrainian Army has employed commercial drones to observe enemy positions, improve target definition, and pressure the enemy without risking troops’ lives.

In response to this threat, traditional anti-aircraft systems and surface-to-air missiles have been used, but they are not always effective against small, fast-moving drones. Lieutenant Colonel Paul Maxwell suggests the development of combat drones to defend against commercial and recreational drones. These combat drones should be affordable, autonomous, and easy to use for ground units.

Maxwell emphasizes the importance of developing and deploying aerial combat UAVs to counter the growing threat posed by drones in modern warfare. The need for cost-effective and efficient defense against drones is crucial for the safety and success of military operations.

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