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The ranking you needed: the best supermarkets to buy meat

The carne It is one of the essential foods in the shopping basket of many people, and one of the keys when it comes to being able to benefit from all its nutrientsis knowing how to choose the one that is of quality, but how to choose the best when we find so much variety in the supermarkets? Thanks to the FATHERwe have now the ranking we needed, since it has revealed which are the best supermarkets to buy meat and has also given some guidelines on what to look for to choose the right part.

The best supermarkets to buy meat according to the OCU

The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has conducted a study for determine which are the best supermarkets to buy meat in Spain. To do this, it has taken into account the meat products offered by 18 distribution chains assessing not only the quality but also the frequency of purchase, since many times a product that is cheaper and easier to cook can have better sales than meat that is of premium quality.

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Esclat, the supermarket with the best meat

Based on its analysis, the OCU has revealed that the The best supermarket to buy meat is Esclat, a Catalan brand that is part of the Bonpreu Group. Esclat scores 84 out of 100, closely followed by Bonpreu, with 83 points. Both stand out for their variety, freshness and customer service, but also for the commitment they make to local suppliers and sustainable practices.

In third place, with 79 points, there is a tie between BonÀreaanother Catalan chain that also has a presence in other autonomous communities, and Hipercor, the hypermarkets of the El Corte Inglés group. Both offer a good value for money and a wide range of products.

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In fourth place we have El Corte Inglés and Aldi that obtain 78 points out of 100, followed by Alcampo and Lidl.

Dia, the supermarket with the worst rating

At the other end of the classification is Day, the supermarket that receives the worst evaluation from consumers, with only 70 points out of 100. According to the OCU, Dia has a limited and unappealing supply of meatit is also detected lack of guarantee of origin and in the proper handling of the products, so that it obtains the worst score of all.

The best-selling meats and how to choose the right one

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The OCU also has analyzed the different types of meat that can be found in supermarkets: chicken, pork, beef, lamb, etc. In this sense, it is worth noting that chicken meat is the most consumed and the cheapestwhile beef is the most expensive and has the most flavor.

The OCU recommends that consumers choose well the meat they buy, taking into account their origen (owned by sustainable farms), its labeling and appearance (always betting on the cuts that look juiciest and without excess fat). Likewise, it advises them to moderate their consumption for reasons of health and environmental sustainability.

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