The PSOE in desperation: it fails in its attempt to have the Electoral Board sanction Ayuso’s advisers


The Central Electoral Board has refused to sanction the vice president of the Community of Madrid, Enrique Ossorio, and the Minister of the Presidency, Justice and Interior, Enrique López, as well as the president Isabel Díaz Ayuso, for using the subsequent press conferences for electoral purposes to the Governing Council, as requested by the PSOE of Madrid.

In an attempt to camouflage the vote-buying scandals by the Socialists that have been uncovered in recent days, the Madrid PSOE has tried to sell as a success that the Central Electoral Board has “partially upheld” the appeal they filed but the reality is that it has refused to impose any type of sanction.

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“It is understood dismissed the appeal of the Socialist Party regarding the request for initiation of disciplinary proceedings and with regard to claims related to persons other than those mentioned in the previous paragraph”, reads the resolution of the Board, thus refusing to sanction both Ossorio and López and, furthermore, dismissing any type of claim against Isabel Díaz Ayuso, to which is not even mentioned in the seven-page document where the appeal is resolved.

The Electoral Board does consider that both councilors have made in some press conferences held in Puerta del Sol “allusions and evaluative appreciations with electoral connotations” that are not legitimate in “the performance of the institutional activity of a public authority.”

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However, it points out that “in view of the circumstances surrounding the manifestations in question, particularly their entity, spontaneity and the fact that recidivism cannot be appreciated (since all of them have been denounced at the same time) no other additional measure is appropriate». However, he reminds the directors that “during the electoral period they must be extremely diligent to avoid violations of the principle of institutional neutrality that derives from article 50.2 of the LOREG».

The PSOE appeal was directed against successive different press conferences and with respect to interventions made by different people. The Central Electoral Board determines that the use of an institutional act, such as the press conference after the Governing Council, would be in breach of article 50.2 of the LOREG, as allusions to achievements and achievements of the Government of the Community were issued during it. from Madrid.

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This article establishes that “from the time the elections are called until they are held, any act organized or financed, directly or indirectly, by the public authorities that contains allusions to the achievements or achievements obtained, or that uses images or expressions that coincide or are similar to those used in their own campaigns by any of the political entities participating in the elections”.

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