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‘The Promise’, chapter 103: Catalina confesses to Manuel that Jimena ordered Jana to be mistreated

The promise it has become one of the most successful daily fictions in our country. We have recently been able to enjoy chapter 102 where, among other issues, we have seen how Manuel decides to comply with each and every one of Jimena’s wishes, despite Jana’s unfortunate state.

After all, we finally know what will happen in episode 103 of the series. The promise. So we see how Cruz, after having listened to Petra’s constant complaints, has given an order to Gregorio. What does it consist of? In that Jana immediately rejoins her work.

Pía can’t understand why the Butler is acting this way, so they have a very heated argument. Gregorio tries by all means to make her understand that she cannot act in that way before the decisions of the Marquises. It doesn’t take long for the housekeeper to come up with a plan to protect Jana.

Catalina decides to go head-on, confessing the whole truth to Manuel.. And it is that Jimena ordered Jana to be mistreated during her stay at the Dukes’ house, as revenge for having secretly repaired her plane. All this while the girl and Martina, her cousin, take the opportunity to alert Jana of Jimena’s bad intentions.

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Manuel, after learning the whole truth, decides to confront his wife. Mauro, for his part, cannot forget his love for Leonor, so he gains Martina’s trust to try to extract information from her. Alonso is tremendously convinced that they should accept Lorenzo’s loan and thus forget about negotiating with the Baroness.

Despite everything, both Cruz and Lorenzo have other plans: search for dark details of the Baroness’s past to force her to renounce the inheritance. Despite everything, Elisa is most forceful with them. Cruz, frustrated that she can’t get away with it, makes a dangerous request to Curro’s father: get rid of her. Do not miss the next chapters of The promiseevery afternoon from Monday to Friday, on La 1 de Televisión Española.

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