The Problem of Spanish Football in the Last 20 Years


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Carlo Ancelotti, the coach of Real Madrid, has been holding back his thoughts on the Negreira case for some time. However, after Laporta’s comments following the Real Madrid-Almería controversy, where he accused the League of being adulterated, Ancelotti has finally spoken out. He also wished Klopp luck after his departure from Liverpool and confirmed that Lunin will be playing for Las Palmas.

The upcoming match between the two teams that have had the least defeats against each other is anticipated to be challenging. Ancelotti expressed his team’s motivation to perform at their best level. He also mentioned that everyone is available for the match except for those with long-term injuries.

Regarding Laporta’s claim that the League is adulterated, Ancelotti stated that he does not want to get involved in controversies. He believes that the ongoing investigations by the Civil Guard and the Prosecutor’s Office are the real problem in Spanish football for the past 20 years. He emphasized the need to stay focused on the game.

Ancelotti also commented on the presence of Brahim and Joselu, stating that they have always known how to replace important players. He expressed surprise at Klopp’s departure from Liverpool but acknowledged that it’s understandable after spending so much time at the club.

When asked about the issue of the goal and who will be playing, Ancelotti confirmed that Lunin will be playing. He also acknowledged the team’s lack of solidity in recent games and the need to return to their previous level of defense.

Ancelotti denied rumors about Benzema’s return and dismissed Futre’s attacks, stating that he has never spoken to him. He also expressed concern about the leaked audios harming the referees and mentioned that Militao’s return from injury is expected in February.

In conclusion, Ancelotti addressed various topics in the press conference, including the upcoming match, the controversy surrounding the League, player availability, and the team’s recent performance. He also shared his thoughts on Klopp’s departure, the leaked audios, and the return of injured players.

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