The price of the top Xbox and PC controller has dropped significantly and reached its lowest level ever.


Microsoft’s Xbox controller is a gamer favorite due to its comfortable ergonomic design and versatile compatibility with other devices such as Windows, iOS, and Android. The controller is now available at a heavily discounted price, 25% off its original price, on Amazon for only €44.99, which is up to €15 cheaper than other retailers like PcComponentes.

The Xbox controller is unquestionably the most important peripheral for playing video games, boasting qualities that facilitate control even in shooting games and guaranteeing fast response capacity without latency. Microsoft has also improved its crosshead to improve precision, making it easier for gamers to hit their targets. The controller also allows customization of button mapping from the official Xbox app, and the option to connect 3.5mm headphones to enjoy the sound of video games.

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Apart from its technical features, the Xbox controller’s success lies in its comfortable design created to enable gamers to spend long hours in front of their screens. The controller also comes in customizable colors and designs, including metallic finishes. The current sale includes only Carbon Black and Robot White models.

The Xbox controller’s compatibility with other devices makes it easier for gamers to connect to mobile devices and play games in the cloud. Its wireless feature, powered by Xbox wireless technology and Bluetooth, also ensures gamers can play anywhere without connection problems.

Overall, the Xbox controller’s heavily discounted price on Amazon presents a unique opportunity for gamers to own one of the best controllers for Xbox and PC consoles at a lower price. With this discount, gamers can save up to €15 and even buy an additional controller to play with friends.

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