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The photos that give it all away: rumors of a crisis between a famous singer and a former politician

Our celebrities strive for hide their secretsbut they always end up seeing the light. Not only do they have to deal with the paparazzi, they also have to take into account the danger of social media. Any movement becomes a trend and invites the press to start a new investigation. They want to know the last thing that happened? A well-known singer has been running away from a rumor for some time: she is supposedly in crisis with her boyfriend, father of her only daughter. In the last week, new data has been leaked that would confirm this theory.

The identity of the singer

Yes, we are talking about Malú. The singer has always been very reserved with her intimate life and she has excused herself in this trend so as not to be part of any scandal. She assures that everything she does publicly is oriented towards her professional career, so she does not have the obligation to explain anything that happens behind closed doors. It’s true. She could have made a lot of money talking about her relationship with Albert Rivera and it hasn’t. For her, the only important thing is that viewers talk about her because of her talent, not because of her private life.

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Malú took a long time to recognize that she was dating Albert Rivera. Experts in the tabloids say that the first photos of the couple cost a lot of money because there were still some doubts. Both the singer and the lawyer denied the romance or avoided talking about it. The images confirmed what many had been counting for a long time: he had fallen in love. In 2020 they had their first and only daughter together, but rumors of a crisis have always sounded strong.

The final photos

Malú has always been very protective of her private life, but in recent times she has been making small exceptions. recently shared some pictures of a family reunion. He has attended a communion and wanted to show how he had a good time. The surprise came when his fans reviewed the material and realized that Albert, former leader of the Ciudadanos party, was not. What has happened to him? It is not the first time that he has been absent from an important event.

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The singer was retired from the stage for a while and when she returned she announced her return in style. What is surprising is that Albert did not witness her reappearance. Malú did not go into details, she did not want to feed the rumors, but her friends did explain. They assured that Rivera was immersed in many professional projects and that he could not follow in the footsteps of his girlfriend.

Malú and Albert Rivera, united forever

Whatever happens, Malú and her boyfriend will be together for life because they have a daughter in common. The girl was born under special circumstances because Spain was fighting the coronavirus. “We had a girl who was born in June 2020 in the middle of a pandemic. We were going to the hospital to do the last tests with great fear. We didn’t know what was happening. There were no vaccines yet. My daughter will be one of those who was born in the pandemic, ”explained the singer.

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