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The OK and KO of Saturday, May 27, 2023

OK: Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida

For assuring in OKDIARIO that “the law must be reformed to outlaw Bildu if he has terrorists on his lists.”

OK: Isabel Diaz Ayuso

For the vibrant closing of the campaign in Madrid accompanied by Feijóo and Almeida.

OK: Chris Martin

Because his band Coldplay fills the Olympic Stadium in Barcelona for four nights in a row.

OK: Santiago Buitrago

For his brilliant victory at the last peak of the Giro d’Italia.

KO: Antonia Jover

For her miserable attack on Marga Prohens using her one-year-old daughter: “She has stolen her rights as a woman.”

FROM: Dolores Peñalver

Because the plot of the PSOE of Murcia bought the vote of drug addicts with drugs.

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KO: Roberto Sotomayor

For lying in the photograph of his election poster: he has never been an Olympic athlete.

KO: Pep Guardiola

For his latest attack on Spain: “Knowing the country, I am not optimistic on the subject of racism.”

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