The Noggle, 6ft – Kid’s Personal Air Conditioning System Review


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The Noggle, 6ft – Kid’s Personal Air Conditioning System is a game-changer for parents, providing a comfortable and safe solution for keeping kids cool during car rides. This innovative product is designed to direct cool air to children in the backseat, making car journeys more enjoyable for everyone. Made in the USA, the Noggle is a must-have for parents, offering a quick and easy way to ensure children’s comfort during car rides.

The Noggle is lightweight, flexible, and installs in less than 30 seconds with no tools required. It comes with 2 reversible ties for easy on and off removal from your dash and stores away neatly when not in use. The product is available in a variety of lengths and cover designs, with a matching loop to attach to the headrest, car seat, or backseat handle, directing air right where it’s needed.

One of the standout features of the Noggle is its ability to keep kids cool and comfortable in the back seat. The six-foot hose connects to the car’s AC vent and extends to the back seat, providing a steady stream of cool air directly to children. The Noggle has multiple vents that allow you to adjust the direction and flow of the air, customizing it to your child’s needs.

Customers have praised the Noggle for its effectiveness in keeping their kids cool and comfortable during car rides, especially in hot weather. The product has received positive feedback for its quality, sturdiness, and sleek design. Users have reported a noticeable difference in their children’s comfort level, making car journeys more enjoyable.

However, some users have encountered minor drawbacks, such as challenges with installation and concerns about the weight of the product. There have been instances where the Noggle caused damage to the car’s air vents, and some users found the installation process to be cumbersome.

Overall, the Noggle, 6ft – Kid’s Personal Air Conditioning System is a well-designed, high-quality product that effectively delivers on its promise of keeping kids cool and comfortable in the car. It’s a valuable investment for parents looking to enhance the comfort and safety of their children during car rides.

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