The most inexpensive Nintendo switch controller available for purchase.

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Hori Controller: The Cheapest Alternative to Nintendo’s Official Switch Controller

Official Nintendo products are known for being expensive, and changing or replacing Joy-Con with drifting issues can add to the cost. However, Hori, a manufacturer that produces compatible devices for the Switch and other consoles, offers a solution for those looking to save some money.

With thousands of reviews on Amazon, the Hori Remote is cost-effective at only 19.99 euros, currently discounted by 33%. This makes it the cheapest controller available, with a saving of over 10 euros and even up to 40 euros compared to the official Pro Controller. Many players attach their console to the Switch Pro Dock and Controller, which can be expensive. In contrast, the Hori Controller offers a perfect device compatible with the console at a fraction of the cost.

Although the controller has similar interchangeable features to other products on the market, the Hori Controller offers slight design differences that appeal to gamers. The Horipad has an ergonomic design, making it easy to grip and a larger body for improved precision when playing any game. It is officially licensed by Nintendo and has an exclusive turbo function with three different settings. The connection is stable, thanks to its three-meter cable avoiding any lags.

The controller’s most striking feature is its removable module in the address crosshead. The game player can use the directional buttons or the traditional crosshead, adapting to their specific style of play.

When an original Nintendo Switch controller breaks or wears out, gamers must purchase a new controller, resulting in further expense. Hori’s official Switch controller is a cheap and acceptable replacement for the original controller. It works perfectly with the Switch and only costs 19.99 euros, offering a discount of 33% on Amazon. Additionally, the product is licensed by Nintendo, ensuring users can trust its specifications to be compatible with the device. Save your money and invest in the cheapest Hori controller that guarantees the same features as the official one.

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