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The money that tennis players earn for participating in Roland Garros

Roland Garros is one of the great tournaments of the tennis season worldwide and in its edition of 2023the economic prizes will rise again compared to the past, leaving an extraordinary amount of money to be distributed among the tennis players participating in the final male and female draw, since from the first to the last they will have an amount to distribute, with the champions, logically , being the ones who win the most on June 11, the date on which a new edition of the most renowned tournament on clay will come to an end.

After that in 2022 Rafael Nadalin the ATP box, and Every Swiatekin the WTA, they obtained an outstanding economic amount, in 2023 in addition to the points for the winner, up to 2,000 for the rankings, the amount of money to be won will not be scarce at all in case of being crowned the winner in the Philippe Chatrier. However, reaching the final, semifinals or even quarterfinals is also a good financial boost for some tennis players who, if they make it to the second week of Roland Garros 2023 They already know that they will receive a check that ‘pays’ them for the effort made in the tournament.

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The increase on the total amount that tennis players will earn in Roland Garros 2023 It is brutal, since we are talking about a rise of 12.3%for a total of €49.6 million distributed among all the tennis players who participate in the present edition of the second Grand Slam of the season.

How much money does the winner of Roland Garros take?

It is one of the most repeated questions and one of the searches with the greatest depth on the day of the final of each great tennis tournament, and especially Roland Garros. In the 2023 edition of the tournament held in Paristhe champion of both the ATP (men’s) and the WTA (women’s) tournament will pocket the same financial amount, a total of 2.3 million euros for conquering one of the most prestigious tournaments on the planet and raising to heaven the so-called Musketeers Cupwhich accredits the winner of Roland Garros. It should be remembered that the women’s final will be held on Saturday, June 10, while the men’s will be on Sunday, June 11, starting at 3:00 p.m.

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How much do you earn for participating in Roland Garros?

As we have said before, the winner is not the only one who gets a prize worthy of mention in Roland Garros, as far as economics is concerned. The cast is proportional but the finalists also get a whopping €1.1 million for arriving and losing the decisive match of the tournament, which means 30,000 euros more than in 2022 -100,000 more in terms of the winners.

For reaching the semifinals you can pocket 630.000 euroswhile the quarterfinals are paid with 400.000 euros, falling in numbers in the round of 16 to 240,000. However, the greatest increase in terms of economic prizes occurs in the first rounds of competition, especially in the first, since by participating in the final draw of Roland Garros and fall in the opening match, the tennis players will take 69.000 euros.

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