The miraculous fruit that you should eat for breakfast to lose weight


The is coming summerSo if you have in mind to lose some weight or eliminate those few kilos that you have left over, surely you will have already “get to work”, following a good diet in which fruits and vegetables cannot be missing. Of the first, there are many with a high fiber index, something that is recommended when it comes to losing weight, but which ones are really the best? Take note, because next we talk about fruits and specifically, about The miraculous fruit that you should have for breakfast to lose weight.

The miraculous fruit that you should eat for breakfast to lose weight

According to the indications of the OMSdeben cEat 5 pieces of fruit and vegetables a day. In this way, we guarantee our body that it receives all the nutrients and vitamins it needs, so already at breakfast, it is recommended that we take one or two pieces of fruit to be able to start the day with energy and also benefit from the fact that some fruits are more diuretic and also provide few calories.

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In the event that you have in mind to lose weight and also want your diet to not lack those pieces of fruit that are recommended, the Gastrolab portal has prepared a list that includes The 6 best fruits that will allow you to lose weight if you eat them first thing in the day. These are:


As is known, the apple has a lot of fiber and also a lot of water. Is satiating so it helps you not to eat more than necessary. In fact, a study carried out by NCBI highlighted that those people who eat an apple during the meal consume an average of 200 calories less than those who do not take it.


The orange is a miraculous fruit that you should have for breakfast if you want to lose weight, since it has satiating, diuretic, cleansing and fat burning properties. In addition, it is rich in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that strengthens the immune system and prevents infections.

The Orange contains a compound called hesperidinwhat helps regulate the metabolism of sugars and fats, avoiding its accumulation in the liver and favoring its elimination. It also has a thermogenic effect, that is, it increases body temperature and energy expenditure.

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To make the most of the benefits of orange, the ideal is to consume it on an empty stomach or half an hour before breakfast. In this way, its purifying effect is enhanced and the absorption of its nutrients is facilitated. It can be combined with other healthy foods, such as yogurt, oatmeal or nuts.


A tropical fruit that you always want in summer, but that also stops oxidative stress which leads to the deterioration of cells, thus being able to slow down aging.


The piña (Pineapple sativa) consists mainly of water (about 90%), has lots of fiber and few calories (40 kcal per 100 g of edible product), but many vitamins (A, group B, C in beneficial quantity. In addition, especially contained in the stem, is the bromelain which includes a group of proteolytic enzymes, that is, enzymes that actively participate in the digestion of proteins (especially foods with a high protein content such as meat or cheese), making it easier and more effective: specifically, bromelain stimulates both the stomach and the liver to perform their functions in the best way.

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With pectin and starch, bananas are another fruit that can help you lose weight if you eat them for breakfast. Both components reduce blood sugar levels and also, according to a study by the University of Oxford, bananas help produce serotonin what is known “like the hormone of happiness», so that it can help you to start the day with a good mood and energy.


Finally, we have the strawberries that They are rich in enzymes that activate metabolism and allow you to lose weight ; also contain many fibras that regulate intestinal transit and allow our body to absorb smaller amounts of sugars. In addition, they contain around 35 calories per 100 grams, making them ultra light and perfect for losing weight with your breakfast.

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