The Last of Us Unveils Shocking Origin of Infection, Re-Writes History of the Game

The Last of Us series explores origin of Cordyceps virus in episode 2

The second episode of the Last of Us series brings more brushstrokes on the Cordyceps virus that decimates humanity in the show.

It unveiled the start date and origin of the infection, which was inside a flour factory in Jakarta, Indonesia on September 24, 2003. This establishes the terrifying speed with which the virus spread, resulting in half the world collapsing in a matter of days.

The game explained the origin of Cordyceps to be South America where it contaminated crops and spread to humans.
According to a collectible from the first The Last of Us game, a copy of the Texas Herad was found in Joel and Sarah’s house, which warned against imported crops from South America and Central America.

The episode also reveals the four phases or stages of the infection that those bitten will go through.
The series has also brought alterations that are approved and guided by the show’s creators, including Neil Druckmann, who acts as co-showrunner and is the director of episode 2.

Cordyceps in the show is based on a real fungus that affects ants and mushrooms.

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