The kidnapping of the socialist mayor was forged at the headquarters and with money from the PSOE in Maracena


The statement in court of the kidnapper from socialist councilor of Maracena Vanessa Romero leaves in a very bad place both number two of the Andalusian PSOE, Noel Lópezas well as the party itself, every time the socialist headquarters of Maracena for stage the kidnapping and used party money on dinners to organize it.

The main reason for the kidnapping of Vanessa Romero it goes through a series of irregularities in the socialist City Council of Maracena that it was willing to bring to light. Thus, Berta Linares (PSOE), mayoress of the Granada municipalityallegedly gestured with the number two of the Andalusian PSOE, Noel Lópezthis illegal arrest which, according to the hijacker himself, was partly financed with “party” money and even gestated at its headquarters in maracena.

He kidnapper, Pedro Gomez Rosawas then the mayor’s couple and, as stated in his statement before the judgeto which OKDIARIO Andalucía has had access, agreed to commit the illegal detention to scare the councilor and, in this way, prevent her from speaking too much about her ex-partner, Bertha Linares.

Bertaaccording to the statement of Gomez Rosa, had indicated that he feared that Vanessa had information that could harm him, since she was aware that there were irregular files. In addition, the mayoress and then her ex-partner let her know that Vanessa He also has irregular invoices that could affect a balloon company owned by Pedro Gómez himself.

Asked in court if he had met with Noel Lopez On some occasion, Gómez Rosa stated that the number two of the Andalusian PSOE appears in January 2023, without remembering a date, but after wise men and meets with all the councilors, including Vanessa. The next day, there is a meeting attended by several involved in the kidnapping at the PSOE headquarters in Maracena. Finally, Noel summons to Nono (Antonio García Leyva, town planning councilor of the Maracena City Council) and they remain together from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. of that day in an undetermined place.

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Later, Berta calls him and tells him that they have finished and that they are in a place called Angel’s Tavernin Maracena, together with Noel López and Nono, and asks him to go pick her up. Pedro Gómez says he will arrive around 20:30.

When he arrives at the premises, as they explain, everyone involved was there. (Noel López, Berta or Nono) seated at a table of four. At that time, he argues, they were alone in the bar. He arrives and sits down to eat. They were talking about City Hall issues and at one point Noel comments that they have offered him an administration position at AguasVira Vanessa, but that she had not accepted it because she wanted “a position with more power and where she earned more”, since she had the children in a private schoolhe had to pay for the car and it did not compensate him.

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That offer was in compensation for her leaving the act of councilor and thus, in this way, silence her so that she would not remove the conflicting documents that she might have. Bertaat that moment he says things like: “don’t even mention it to me”, “I don’t even want to see it” or Why doesn’t that woman just die and leave me alone?always according to the hijacker.

Given this, Nono indicates that she should be given a scare or a lesson and proposes to hire a couple of Ukrainians who will take her and give her a scare. Noel and Berta say at that moment they believe that “you don’t have to go that far either.” Subsequently, Noel says directly to Pedro Gomez Rosa that, since he knows that he has a mental illness, specifically bipolarity, “you scare him and take his mobile phone to destroy it”, since they thought he had documents on the device.

Berta at first refuses, and says that they should not count on him (Pedro Gómez) so as not to get him into trouble. But Noel “insists” that since he has a disease nothing will happen to him and that, if Vanessa complaint, they would put a lawyer and everything would be “in a scare.”

Asked why he had to scare him, Pedro Gomez He states that they told him to put her “in the trunk, tied with zip ties and to turn her several times so that she would become disoriented and it would seem that she was going to the middle of the field to do something to her.” Berta, once the way in which the plan is going to be carried out has been exposed, she agrees to let it be done, although she states that she does not want to know when it is going to be carried out. After that, they continue to eat. Questioned by the kidnapper who paid for this dinner in which everything was forged, she states that “Berta paid with party money”. At the end of the aforementioned dinner, Noel López asks him: “Shall we agree on that?” To which he replies that “he will think about it.”

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His intention, according to the statement, was to take the problem away from the mayor Berta -then your partner- giving you a scare Vanessagiven that Berta “I was anxious, crying and saying that I couldn’t take it anymore and that I was throwing in the towel.” In return, according to what they literally told him, he would earn a “living like a motherfucker” since Berta would continue to be mayor and they would continue to hire him and they would open many more doors for him. BertaHe even went so far as to suggest that he open an SL so that the opposition would not associate him with that company, by putting the tax address at the Armilla location.

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