The Javis discuss Macarena García’s feelings for Enric Auquer


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Directors Javier Ambrossi and Javier Calvo were seen posing on the red carpet at the 11th edition of the Feroz Awards in Madrid, Spain. Macarena García was also in the spotlight this week, as she was photographed with Enric Auquer in Madrid, sparking rumors of a new romance. However, the couple has not confirmed their relationship publicly.

The Javis, who are Macarena García’s brother and brother-in-law, spoke about the possible new love interest on the Feroz red carpet. They stated that it was not their place to announce anything and encouraged people to ask Macarena herself about her relationship status.

Macarena’s brother expressed that he only cares about his sister’s happiness, regardless of who she is with. Javier Calvo praised Macarena’s acting skills and described her as a strong and courageous woman, especially in her role in ‘La Mesías’. Ambrossi also expressed his admiration for Macarena’s professionalism and described her as one of the best actresses in Spain.

Overall, the Javis and Macarena’s family members are supportive of her and her career, and they believe that she is a talented and dedicated actress.

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