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The Fans’ Favorite Weapon Makes a Comeback in Fortnite Chapter 4 – Season 2: MX and Spain Edition on DEPOR-PLAY

Fortnite players may rejoice as the beloved Pump Shotgun is expected to make a return to the game in Chapter 4 – Season 2. The weapon, one of the original weapons when the game was launched in September 2017, was constantly nerfed and removed from the loot. However, leakers HYPEX and iFireMonkey reveal that the popular short-range weapon will come back with a new version and possibly with a Reality Augment like the Double Pump technique. Alongside the Pump Shotgun, Epic Games is also expected to release a new version of the Ranger Assault Rifle, which deals massive damage.

As the Chapter 4 Season 1 finale approaches, scheduled for March 8, 2023, players may want to take note of some tips on how to do fast updates. Using a cable internet connection or connecting the system via an ethernet cable can provide faster download speeds, reduce lag, and packet loss. For those playing on Nintendo Switch or a mobile device, using the frequency of 5GHz on nearby dual-band Wi-Fi is recommended. Turning on the Auto Update option on the preferred platform and entering a custom DNS server address may also help to avoid internet lag and excessive service traffic.

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Overall, players are excited about the return of the Pump Shotgun and the potential improvements that may be added in Chapter 4 – Season 2. The anticipation continues to build up as Fortnite keeps the game fresh and exciting for its players.

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