The Cube: Paris Sees an Increase in Hoaxes Regarding Garbage Crisis


Paris Garbage Workers on Strike: Government and Mayor Clash

The streets of Paris have been overflowing with garbage since March due to the ongoing strike by garbage workers who are protesting President Emmanuel Macron’s pension reform. Last week, nearly 10,000 tons of garbage were left uncollected, with social media spreading false news about the army being called in to clear the trash.

A photo of three soldiers picking up garbage on the streets of the Latin Quarter went viral, with many claiming the military had been asked to collect the garbage instead of the dumpsters. However, the French gendarmerie denied the claims, stating that it was a “localized initiative” due to nearby barracks that were in danger of fire risks.

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While the government can assert its authority and requisition the garbage collectors, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo has vocally supported the strike, refusing to comply with the government’s request. As a result, the Ministry of the Interior requisitioned 674 garbage collectors, but protests continue in Paris and the incineration plants.

The strike by garbage workers is aiming to send a message that their grievances must be addressed. Until then, the garbage is not going anywhere soon in Paris.


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