The Color Run Founder Celebrates 45 Years


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Travis Snyder, the founder of The Color Run, has passed away at the age of 45. His death was confirmed by PEOPLE after a statement was posted on his Instagram page. In his posthumous message, Snyder reflected on his 2015 acute myeloid leukemia diagnosis and expressed his desire to be remembered as a “warrior.”

Snyder did not want people to say that he “lost his fight with cancer.” Instead, he wanted to be remembered as someone who lived and battled the disease for eight years after his diagnosis. He emphasized that life was never easy for him, but he found many beautiful moments with his wife and three sons.

He believed that suffering softens people and allows them to care more, love more, and lift each other up. Snyder considered himself fortunate to have fulfilled his dreams and hoped to have generated some goodness along the way. He asked his followers to share memories of their time together so his sons could “know all of me.”

Last year, Snyder and Aquaman star Jason Momoa joined forces to encourage people to join the Be the Match Registry for bone marrow donors. They met through mutual friends after Snyder’s first cancer battle in 2015. Momoa, who considered Snyder his “buddy,” was interested in raising awareness about the organization to help his friend.

In a statement, Be the Match remembered Snyder as a “passionate advocate” for the donor registry. He inspired thousands of people to join the registry and spread the word that each of us holds a potential cure to blood cancer inside of us. His efforts will help more patients in the future get a second chance at life. He was a warrior, and his life made a difference.

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