The City Council of Illescas (PSOE) gives a work of 1 million to a company that is not a State contractor


The Socialist City Council of Illescas awarded the contract for a work worth 933.055 euros to the limited company Urban Central Iberum Gestión, SL, without this company having the classification of State contractor, a requirement required by law. Specifically, the Law 9/2017 on Public Sector Contractsprovides in its article 77 that for works contracts “whose estimated value is equal to or greater than 500,000 euros, it will be an essential requirement that the employer be duly classified as a works contractor of the contracting authorities”.

It also adds that “for said contracts, the classification of the employer in the group or subgroup that, depending on the object of the contract, corresponds, with a category equal to or higher than that required for the contract, will accredit their solvency conditions to contract.”

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In this sense, OKDIARIO has consulted the company classification department of the Ministry of Finance and Public Function on where the classification of a company must be stated when it is required to be awarded a public contract. The organization’s response was clear: The companies that have some classification are stated in their certificate of Registration in the Official Registry of Bidders and Classified Companies of the Public Sector (Rolece) since they are registered ex officio. They also pointed out that if they do not appear in that certificate, it means that they do not have current classifications.

This medium has had access to Registration Certificate in the Official Register of Bidders and Classified Companies of the Public Sector (ROLECE) of Urban Central Iberum and has been able to verify that there is no classification to carry out the work.

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Last 5th of April met the hiring desk of the Illescas town hall and awarded the expansion of the town’s House of Music for a price of 933,055 euros to the company Urban Central Iberum Gestión SL The town hall ignored that this company, to which they have awarded almost 1 million euros, does not comply with the legal requirements established in the specifications of the same town hall.

However, this adjudication could not have been carried out without the acceptance of Jose Manuel Tofino, the mayor of Illescas. Tofiño is a history of the PSOE of Toledo. He was also president of the Provincial Council of Toledo and is one of the trusted men of the president of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García-Page. Not surprisingly, last March García-Page publicly thanked Tofiño for wanting to be the Socialist candidate for the Illescas City Council. “I consider it vital for Illescas and I consider it vital for the leadership of this entire area that requires planning and perseverance,” said the regional president on March 20.

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