The Big Bang Theory Season 8 Plot Twist that Sparked Controversy

**‘The Big Bang Theory’: Study Points Out the Reason Why It Ended with Season 8**

A study carried out recently has revealed that even though The Big Bang Theory – the much acclaimed American sitcom – ran for 12 full seasons, it was slated to end with the 8th one. According to researchers at Broadband Choices, declining viewership after season 8 was the reason behind the show’s abrupt halt.

The sitcom, created by Bill Prady and Chuck Lorre, featured 8 main characters and their goofy yet insightful conversations. It had a broader message for its viewers – of acceptance and friendship – that hit off with a bang and witnessed a decline during its 8th season.

The study indicates that when Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Penny (Kaley Cuoco) patched up their differences and got married, viewers began to lose interest in the show. This love story was a central part of the show since its beginning but when the show attempted to build deeper arcs between its main characters, the focus shifted from witty science jokes to relationship and dating jokes.

In light of this new found information, many loyal viewers of the show blame it on the decision of Jim Parsons – who played the eccentric genius Sheldon Cooper in the show – to leave the sitcom. Whatever the reason may be, The Big Bang Theory completed its legacy in 2019 and left its fans with fond memories and messages of acceptance.

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