The Beatles’ only song featuring Yoko Ono’s vocals


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Yoko Ono is a significant part of The Beatles’ history because of her relationship with John Lennon. Her connection not only changed Lennon’s personal life, but also influenced the musical and artistic direction of the band from Liverpool. Over time, the artist became more involved in Lennon’s life, even appearing in one of the group’s songs.

In the late 1960s, tensions between the members of The Beatles were evident, but this did not stop them from experimenting with new sounds and genres in the studio. In 1968, they released their self-titled album, known as the White Album, where each member had the opportunity to try new things and include their own compositions. This experimental approach was largely motivated by the spiritual retreat that the band took in India with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, where they composed numerous songs. One of these songs was “The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill,” written by John and featuring Yoko’s voice.

The story behind the song is about a stuck-up, middle-aged American woman who arrived at the retreat with her son, Richard Cooke III, and caused a stir among the other attendees. This woman’s presence inspired Lennon to write the song, and he added a chorus of people and gave Yoko a singing part in the production. Although she only sings a few words, it was one of the few times that someone outside the band contributed their voice to a Beatles song.

Yoko Ono’s presence in The Beatles’ music was a unique and influential aspect of the band’s history. Her relationship with John Lennon not only impacted his personal life, but also left a mark on the band’s musical and artistic direction. As tensions grew within the group, they continued to experiment with new sounds and genres, leading to the creation of their self-titled album, known as the White Album. During a spiritual retreat in India, the band composed numerous songs, including “The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill,” which featured Yoko’s voice. This song was inspired by the presence of a controversial woman and her son at the retreat, and Lennon’s decision to include Yoko’s voice in the production was a unique and significant contribution to the band’s music.

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