The appearance of the new Team Rocket in the upcoming Pokémon anime has already been disclosed, indicating that the series will introduce its version of the infamous group.


Pokémon fans around the world are eagerly waiting for the brand new anime series, set to premiere in Japan on April 14, 2023. The series has been teasing fans with glimpses of its protagonists, Liko and Roy, but now we have been introduced to a new group, the Explorers. Pokémon Japan recently shared a video on their official YouTube channel, showcasing the members of the Explorers. The group consists of three members, each with their own Pokémon partner. Compared to the beloved Team Rocket, the Explorers have a darker appearance. The group members are Amethyo, Zir, and Conia with their respective partners, Ceruledge, Rhydon, and Golduck.

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However, at the end of the video, fans were surprised to see an unknown figure known as Gurumin, a streamer who is seen in a Nidorina suit. Gurumin seems to be a new face in the Pokémon anime but not a member of the Explorers. Fans are curious to know more about this mysterious character.

It is no secret that the most recent episode of Pokémon has marked Team Rocket’s farewell, a goodbye that fans feel was too poor for a group that has been a part of the anime since its first season. Fans are now looking forward to the debut of Liko and Roy in mid-April in Japan. The series will give a sneak peek into Paldea, the location of the latest games in the franchise, Pokémon Scarlet and Purple.

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Overall, the new anime series is shaping up to be an exciting adventure for Pokémon fans, with new characters and locations to explore. With the premiere just around the corner, anticipation for the series is at an all-time high.


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