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Thalía Speaks Out After 32 Years: How Being Called Corrientota on TV Really Made Her Feel

Thalía Speaks Out After 32 Years: How Being Called Corrientota on TV Really Made Her Feel

Thalía, the Mexican singer and actress, recently spoke about a controversial situation she experienced in her early days as a solo singer. She was called “corrientota” on what was considered the most important Spanish-speaking music television show. This comment deeply affected Thalía, and it took her three decades to open up about it publicly.

In the midst of releasing her first album as a soloist, Thalía appeared on the show, and the famous TV presenter, Raúl Velasco, welcomed her with praise for her outfit. He highlighted the yellow flower top and blonde lock in her hair. However, he also took the opportunity to comment on her previous look, calling her “ordinary” and “cheap.”

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In a recent interview with Billboard magazine, Thalía spoke about this uncomfortable moment:

“That authority to tell a girl that she had just released her first song, her first album, with the stars in her eyes, to face her audience. (I was) 17 years old, around there,” said Thalía, who is now 51 years old. “Suddenly they tell you: ‘Why do you put on makeup like that?’, live, ‘you’re ordinary, you’re cheap, why Why do you make up like that? How horrible,’ and you like that, because you’re ‘caught in the system’ (into the system).”

Despite the hurtful comment, Thalía has shined throughout her career and is considered one of the most outstanding singers and actresses in the Spanish-speaking world. From her early days in Timbiriche to her iconic performances in telenovelas like “Marimar,” Thalía has always been known for her distinct fashion sense. Over the years, she has sported elegant dresses, metallic looks, and extravagant shoes, never afraid to take fashion risks.

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