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Texas Attorney General, a Trump Ally, Risks Impeachment


Powerful Texas justice official Ken Paxton is indicted on multiple counts of corruption including embezzlement of public funds, false statements and obstruction of justice.

The influential Texas attorney general, Ken Paxton, a stone in the shoe of the president of the United States, Joe Biden, risks being impeached on corruption charges by the state Parliament, which will submit his case to a first vote this Saturday, Official sources reported this Friday (05.26.2023).

A congressional investigative commission, made up of even his Republican co-religionists, unanimously admitted last Thursday twenty charges against the attorney general -the Texas attorney general- for corruption, embezzlement of public funds, false statements and even obstruction of justice.

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The charge against Paxton, whose seat is elective, relates to pressure being put on his staff to support a friend and campaign donor with his legal troubles. In exchange, that person gave work to a mistress of the Republican official and financed work in her house, the accusation details.

An old accusation pending

The text will be presented on Saturday to the Texas House of Representatives. If approved by a simple majority, Paxton will be sent for trial in the state Senate. Then it will be necessary for two thirds of the senators -including his wife- to agree to dismiss him.

This 60-year-old ultra-conservative, close to former President Donald Trump, has among his critics some members of his party, and the outcome of these votes is uncertain. Chosen in 2014 to head the Texas judicial system, he has been the subject of a financial fraud indictment, which remains pending. This did not prevent him from being re-elected in 2018 and then in 2022.

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From his position he presented fifty complaints against the management of Joe Biden, challenging, among other things, his immigration, fiscal or environmental policy, he reminded the press this Friday.

Pointed out in 2020 for abuse of power

Paxton denounced an “illegal”, “shameful” and “unfair” procedure and called on his supporters to demonstrate in front of the Texas Capitol in Austin on Saturday at the time of the vote.

In 2020, members of his team raised the alarm about alleged abuse of power. After being separated from their posts, they complained that they had been fired without reason.

In early 2023, Paxton reached an agreement to end his lawsuits in exchange for $3.3 million, an account that he asked to be assumed by the state of Texas. This matter justified the opening of a parliamentary investigation.
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