Terelu Campos opens up about her dating app struggles


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Terelu Campos made a surprising confession on the TVE program ‘D corazón’ this Sunday morning. Despite previously mentioning her attempts at flirting through dating apps, she revealed that she has made a drastic decision that caught many off guard.

The program discussed Sharon Stone’s experience with opening a dating app profile in 2024, and how her dates have not been successful. Unexpectedly, Terelu revealed that she also has a profile on a similar app, but she does not actively use it. She mentioned that her friends created the profile, and only her eyes are visible. However, she expressed frustration at not being able to remove herself from the app.

According to Terelu, she receives notifications of interest from potential matches, but she does not reciprocate. She expressed her desire to delete her subscription, but has been unable to do so. She has reached out to the app’s support team to request unsubscribing.

The television collaborator’s revelation sparked discussions and reactions among viewers. Many were surprised by her experience with dating apps, while others empathized with her struggle to remove herself from the platform. Terelu’s candid confession on the program has since become a topic of conversation among fans and the public.

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