Tennis Season Kicks Off at the Australian Open

First Grand Slam of the Year, Roger Federer’s “Happy Slam” Draws Fans and Players to Melbourne

The Australian Open, also known to many as “Happy Slam”, a term invented by Roger Federer, is one of the most beloved Grand Slams in the sport. Not only is it beloved by avid tennis fans from all corners of the world, but players also revere this Grand Slam for giving them a chance to begin the tour anew.

The atmosphere at the Open is extraordinary. That, combined with the unique and warm culture of Australia, attracts fans of all ages and backgrounds to come together to watch the excitement one can witness in Melbourne.

Players from all levels of the tour, from veterans, to rising stars, acknowledge the allure of “Happy Slam”. The milder climate and court conditions, as compared to other slams, give players a chance to adjust to various playing conditions before they reach higher-level tournaments.

The Australian Open is jointly owned by Tennis Australia and the International Tennis Federation, and has seen many thrilling matches since its inception in 1924.

The love affair between fans, players, and the Open promises to never end.

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